About Us

MyTLA was founded in 2009 to help importers, exporters, distributors and manufacturers navigate the complex, global transportation and logistics marketplace.

MyTLA offers a unique, consultative sales approach to the industry (all modes of transport, customs brokerage, 3PL, distribution, etc.). We are constantly updating profiles for Shippers in order to find a perfect fit of solution and Service Provider based on cost, core competency and corporate culture.

We support solution development, the negotiation of rates and terms, the implementation of services and we drive continuous improvement through regular business reviews, technological applications and general account management. This process is proven to better control costs, mitigate risks and create a competitive advantage for our customers.

Service providers (brokers, carriers, forwarders, 3PL’s) benefit as well from a satisfied, long-term and profitable customer.

Since launching in 2009, MyTLA has doubled its sales every year and now employs agents and subcontractors to deliver valuable support to both Shippers and Service Providers around the world.